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About Us

Welcome to National Academy

NATIONAL ACADEMY believes in quality education and to make the children responsible citizens of tomorrow. Letís have a look into the school and assess the qualities it has to offer.

Vision: We believe in all round development of students. Harnessing the young talents and channelising them in right direction is our main concern.

Motto : Humanize, equalize, spiritualize; while-

Humanize : Respect each other, observe, realize and practice the value of co-existence.

Equalize : Treat all living beings equality.

Spiritualize : Purify and strengthen minds against injustice.

Our Administration : The school will be managed by Developmental Initiative for Sustainable Humane Advancement (DISHA) Foundation, Guwahati-3 and Chairman of DISHA Foundation will look after the general administration and development of the school. While day to day administration will be managed by the Director of National Academy with the help of Vice-Principal of National Academy.

Curriculum : Curriculum has been designed to ensure that the students discover themselves and the environment through exploration and discovery. It would make them innovative in their thought, and practical in actions. This will be reflected through Scholastic activities such as Quiz Competition, Seminar, Debate Competition, Games & Sports etc., and non-scholastic activities i.e. social awareness programme, study tour etc. Art, music, dance, and physical education and group activities will be a part of the curriculum. We believe that the kids who always bubble with happiness will surely feel their school very close to their heart.

Library : The library will cater to the needs of all age group. Books on diverse topics which include fairy tales, short stories, adventures, science etc. will attract the young mind and provide a unique opportunity to cultivate the habit of reading.

Computer Education : The child will be taught to use the computer independently. In the process the child will be exposed to the world of e-learning / e-education.

Audio-visual : The child learns not only through books but also by other medium. We emphasize on audio-visual education. Our object is to make them learn and to analyse things rationally visuals on animal life, scientific discoveries etc. will widen the studentsí horizon.

Sports & Physical Education : Our school will be stress on regular exercise and physical fitness which is built into the curriculum. We will teach them Yoga, Games and other sporting activities. All games and exercise will be supervised by trained instructors.

Medical facility : The school will provide the first aid/medical facility student under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

Parallel Teaching : The slow learns will be motivated to cope with the curriculum through this method with fun and frolic.

Faculty : Highly educated and well trained faculty will be provided who can impart education in a friendly and innovate manner.

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